enFAMILIA Summer Camp in the News.

Exciting news, Our Art-in-Action Summer Camp has been featured by the South Dade News Leader.

From unleashing creativity in art projects to exploring the wonders of STEAM, our campers have truly embraced the summer spirit. Let's come together to celebrate their fantastic achievements.


Join us tomorrow, July 26th, from 5-8 pm for the much-awaited grand finale of our summer camp.

Witness the culmination of our students' creativity and imagination with their displayed art pieces, accompanied by music, drama, and captivating Colombian and Mexican folklore dances.

Location: 19316 SW 380th Street, Florida City, 33034.

Let us gather together to celebrate these young talents and the joy they bring to our hearts. Don't miss out on this magical evening of cultural expression and artistic brilliance.


Dance, music, and physical education have taken center stage at enFAMILIA's Summer Camp over the past few weeks. Our campers have been grooving, moving, and embracing the joy of expression and physical activity.

In our dance sessions, they have showcased their talent and passion, learning various dance styles and choreographing impressive routines.

In music classes, our young musicians have been strumming guitars, tickling the ivories, and exploring the world of melodies. Their dedication and musicality have been truly remarkable.

And let's not forget about physical education! From exhilarating Zumba sessions to engaging sports activities, our campers have been embracing an active lifestyle and enjoying the thrill of staying fit and healthy.

We are incredibly proud of our talented dancers, musicians, and fitness enthusiasts. Stay tuned as we continue to showcase their incredible performances and celebrate the power of dance, music, and physical education at enFAMILIA's Summer Camp 2023.


Celebrating Art and STEAM Excellence at enFAMILIA's Summer Camp.

Our campers have been unstoppable, unleashing their artistic talents and diving into the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

With vibrant projects and eye-catching designs, their creativity knows no bounds.

Moments from this week at enFAMILIA's Summer Camp.

This week, our campers delved into the fascinating world of chemical reactions during an engaging STEM lesson. They mixed ingredients, observed captivating transformations, and experienced the magic of chemistry firsthand.

From bubbling reactions to surprising chemical changes, their faces lit up with excitement and wonder. The sheer delight and curiosity on their faces were priceless.

Stay tuned for more thrilling STEM lessons and unforgettable moments from enFAMILIA's Summer Camp. The learning journey continues to inspire.

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enFAMILIA Art-in-Action Summer Camp Update! Week 2 Highlights.

STEM PROJECT: Our campers got hands-on with a catapult-building project, learning the principles of science and engineering while having a blast.

VISUAL ARTS: They explored the magic of salt art with watercolors, creating stunning masterpieces that showcased their artistic talents and creativity.

GUITAR INSTRUCTION: The guitar journey continued, as our campers further honed their skills and strummed their way to musical greatness.

COLOMBIAN FOLKLORE DANCE: They immersed themselves in the vibrant culture of Colombia, learning traditional dances and embracing the beauty of folkloric movements.

LIFE SKILLS: As part of our elective options, our campers had the opportunity to develop essential life skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork through engaging activities.

ELECTIVES: Alongside all the exciting activities, our campers also enjoyed heart-pumping Zumba sessions, where they grooved and moved to the rhythm, promoting physical fitness and coordination.

Stay tuned for more updates, photos, and incredible moments from enFAMILIA's Art-in-Action Summer Camp 2023. #ArtInActionSummerCamp #enFAMILIA #EvergladesCamp #SummerAdventures #MiamiDadeArts #TheChildrensTrust


Update from enFAMILIA's 2023 Art-in-Action Summer Camp at the Everglades Center,

Week 1 Highlights:

KEYBOARDING MAGIC: Our campers embarked on a musical journey, exploring the world of keyboards, and creating beautiful melodies.

GUITAR JOURNEY: From learning chords to strumming techniques, our campers embarked on a musical adventure with guitars in hand.

DANCE EXPLORATION: They unleashed their moves, discovering new forms of self-expression through various dance styles.

ZUMBA FUN: They danced, grooved, and sweated it out in our exhilarating Zumba sessions, embracing the joy of movement.

VISUAL ARTS: With colors, textures, and different mediums, our young artists created works reflecting their unique perspectives.

Stay tuned for more updates, photos, and artistic moments from enFAMILIA's 2023 Art-in-Action Summer Camp. The journey has just begun.

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Parents, prepare to ignite your child's creativity and self-expression at our Art-in-Action Summer Camp! Thanks to the generous support of The Children's Trust and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, we are thrilled to offer this camp FREE of charge for students aged 6 to 14.

Save the date! From June 19 to July 28, 2023, your child can immerse themselves in a world of artistic exploration. Our camp offers a diverse range of activities, including drawing, painting, dramatic performances, music lessons, and dance classes. It is the perfect opportunity for your child to discover new talents and passions.

To secure your child's place and learn more about the camp, call (305) 245-7288. Do not miss out on this chance to let their creativity soar in the realms of art, drama, music, and dance. Enroll them today.

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One of the emblematic programs of enFAMILIA is Art-in-Action, Summer Camp, which have been carried out uninterruptedly for 22 years, the last one, 2021, was carried outΒ  in a semi-precency way given the unprecedented situation that we live with COVID-19.

During week from June 14 to 18, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp 2021, directed by Karina Ramirez, Casita B students (grades 3-5) read a book called β€œThe Bee Tree” and learned of a Malaysian family’s tradition of climbing trees to collect honey respectfully. After focusing on literary strategies, students created posters that showed the different components of bees from their anatomy, honey production, the structure of a beehive and the job of a beekeeper. As a hands-on project, students created bee hotels using recycled materials where bees can create a beehive in our Redland Site Garden. It was a great week!!Β 

During week from June 21 to 25, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp, directed by Marlon Villagra, casita A campers in Redland center have explored and created thanks to the β€œKidslit” 1-3 grade Reading Program. The campers have learned how to be an artist using different art forms, exploring them inside and outside the classroom in pairs, groups, and solos. Creativity plays a big role in all of this since each of the campers have freedom to create based on settings, emotions, memories and many more.

During week from July 06 to July 09, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp, directed by Juanita Olvera & Marlon Villagra, Students engaged in learning about archaeology and what they study. Students had the opportunity to β€œdig” up their own dinosaur. Students created their Dino-Feet and stomped as if they were Dinosaurs. We incorporated science, literacy and art to help students learn and grasp the concepts of archaeology, prehistoric fossils and cave writing.

During week from July 12 to July 16, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp, directed by Juanita Olvera & Marlon Villagra, Students created volcanos and learned about mountains. Using Science, literacy and art they created paper Mache volcanos. They researched about different mountains such as Mount Everest and created their own magazine cover as if they had climbed the highest mountain. Students worked as a team researching and creating.


During week from July 12 to July 16, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp, directed by Leoernando Quevedo & Francisca Juarez in Everglades camp, students created their own tie dye shirts from scratch. Using an assortment of colors, the students made a variety of designs on their shirts and tightened the fabric with rubber bands to complete the process. Throughout the camp, journal time allows the students to write their thoughts and feelings in writing. Some of the students are inclined to share or explain. Some prompts are serious while others are playful and fun.

During week from July 19 to July 23, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp, directed by Leoernando Quevedo & Francisca Juarez in Everglades camp, The final week of camp was heavily emphasized on completing the objectives for the final performance. Everything the students have worked up to now has been product of their hard work and dedication. For the student’s performance, the use of cardboard props and a plentiful amount of paint allowed for the students to create their own artwork in their own way. In accordance with the theme for the final performance, students learned about the principles of classical music as well as the works of Antonio Vivaldi.

During weeks from June 14 to July 02, 2021, of the Art in Action Summer Camp 2021, directed by Karina Ramirez, 3 Mexican Folklore students worked on costume designs by making traditional ponchos, masks and folklore art.


enFAMILIA’s Virtual Summer camp gives the opportunity for students to have summer camp from the comfort of their home, through these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the past two weeks from June 14 to 25, 2021, students have read different fables and poetry. They have created various art pieces while working on literacy, science, and mathematic skills.
this program is directed by Alma MΓ©ndez
Alice in Wonderland: Line of Symmetry (Mathematics)

Alice in Wonderland: Identifying and classifying Mammals, Insects, and Aves (Science).


Alice in Wonderland: Students used critical thinking skills to predict the ending of the story.


Alice in Wonderland: Students used creativity, literacy, and critical thinking skills to draw and illustrate a special place they would like to visit if there was a tree that had an opening such as in the story Alice in Wonderland.


Students created a new character for the story of Alice in wonderland


Students had the opportunity to write and illustrate their own version of the story Alice in Wonderland.


Students wrote about and illustrated a fairy from the fairy tale story.


My name is magical: Students read the poem My name is magical and illustrated their names while using their rulers to measure.


The lion and the mouse: Students read the fable The lion and the mouse and created a drawing using lines of symmetry.Β 


Virtual Music Focus: Going over music notes & definitions. Building a base for children to understand music notes and terms.



The summer camp, this year, considering the COVID-19, was designed
as a virtual program of 6 weeks, that focuses on creativity, education,
and finding your voice.


enFAMILIA’s AIA Summer Camp is a program that targets disadvantaged youth of the local community, offering them an extraordinary art experience. The summer camp is designed as a four week program that fosters the students’ talents in the areas of visual arts, music, dance, film, drama, and culinary arts.

Yoga, relaxation techniques, nonviolence practices, and college prep are also part of the experience.








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